Frequently Asked Questions

“Where's my order?”

Bartas Technologies is a shareware company. Unless otherwise stated, there is usually no 'physical media' or a 'box'. You typically download software that is limited in some way. This allows you to 'try before you buy'. When you purchase a product, you are actually purchasing a personalized serial number which 'unlocks' the software and removes the evaluation limitations.

If you haven't received your serial number:

The most common cause of users not receiving their serial numbers is an over-active spam or junk mail filter. If your service provider allows, check your junk mail or spam folder or inbox. Also, you should create a 'rule' that always allows any mail containing "Bartas" in the sender or subject fields through. If we have no way of reaching you, we can neither deliver your serial number nor respond to support requests. Bartas Technologies does not provide telephone support. If you need your serial information resent, you can use the After-Purchase Services (see the link below).

If you haven't downloaded your copy of the software you purchased:

All products are available for download from this website. Follow the link below to the Products page and choose the product you purchased. Each product's page lists a prominent "Download" link. Download the software and install it, then use your registration information to register it. If you're having difficulties registering, see this FAQ page.

Bartas Technologies Products Page

After-Purchase Services

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