Frequently Asked Questions

“Why can't I register?”

Error 560

If you are getting message 560, this message means the serial number you typed in doesn't match the name you entered. Please try entering both the name and serial number again, following the tips below:

Error 25001

Error 25001 means your order has not yet been completed. While your payment was accepted and you've received your serial number, your registration information has not yet been made available to the eSellerate activation server. Bartas Technologies uses eSellerate to process sales and manage serial number activation. Though unusual, there can sometimes be a delay of up to twenty minutes before your order has completed. Please wait twenty minutes and try registering again. We sincerely regret the inconvenience. Questions about eSellerate can be directed to

Activation Limit

If you are receiving an error message stating that you've reached your activation limit, see this page for details on how to reclaim activations or move your serial number to another computer.

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