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Transcriva 2

Manual transcription with automatic transmission

Mac OS X 10.5 required;
Intel processor recommended.


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Transcriva is transcription software for the Mac. Whether it's your meeting minutes, interviews, lectures, home movies, dictation, speeches, or your favorite TV show, Transcriva can help you transcribe them all. You do the typing, Transcriva takes care of the rest.

User Interface

The Transcriva 2 Interface

Transcriva's user interface puts the features you need in front of you and the rest within easy reach. Fit and finish meets careful design.

Have a Look ...

  1. Transcript Library
  2. Transcript Editor
  3. Media Track
  4. Playback & Record
  5. View Controls
  6. Playback Options
  7. Volume & Speed
  8. Search Field

More Screenshots The Transcriva Workspace Transcriva's Record Mode The Transcript Properties Panel Transcriva's Video Viewer Creating a New Transcript Exporting a Transcript
  The Transcriva Workspace Transcriva's Record Mode The Transcript Properties Panel Transcriva's Video Viewer Creating a New Transcript Exporting a Transcript


On Your Mac or on the Web

On Your Mac or on the Web

Transcriva works with media clips on your Mac, on the web or with none at all. Transcriva "points to" the media, rather than copying or moving them. Keep them wherever you want!

Simple Organization

Simple Organization

The familiar library-based approach eschews documents for simplicity and organization. Create folders and organize your transcripts all in one place.

Variable Speed

Variable Speed

Speed sound up or slow it down without changing the pitch. Transcriva uses Mac OS X's Core Audio to bend speed without bending voices.



Associate "people" with your transcripts so that text entries are attributed to those who spoke them. Or not. Whichever suits you best!

Simple Export

Simple Export

Print your transcripts or export them as RTF (rich text format) or Word documents for editing, sharing, and publication.

Transcribe as You Record

Record Your Own

Have a camera, microphone, or web cam? Record your own media files directly on your Mac. You can even transcribe them as you record, all within Transcriva's intuitive interface.



Your data can be saved for you automatically as you transcribe or make changes. Stop working for a moment and Transcriva sneaks in a save, lightning fast and unobtrusive.



Follow-Along mode lets you play back your transcripts when you're done transcribing. The current entry is highlighted as it's spoken!

Foot Pedal Support

Foot Pedal Support

Transcriva works with select USB foot pedals for even easier control. See the foot pedal fact sheet for compatibility information.

Programmable Shortcuts

Programmable Shortcuts

The most-used controls are fully customizable, letting you tailor the application to fit your workflow.


Library Icon

Transcriva is now a "library-based" application. Disparate documents scattered about your volumes are a thing of the past. Like Address Book, iTunes, iPhoto, and many other great applications, Transcriva keeps all your transcripts in one place, a central database. Your transcripts "point to" the media files with which they are associated. This lets you keep your media where you choose, and keep your transcripts organized.

Structured Data vs. "Dumb Text"


There are plenty of "transcription applications" for the Mac but Transcriva remains in a class of its own. Whereas most transcription aids offer little more than a text editor with a media player attached (and perhaps a few satellite features), what sets Transcriva apart is that it is designed to maintain the structure of your transcript information.

Transcriva recognizes and addresses the need to attribute a phrase to the person who spoke it. More importantly, however, for many students and professionals it's important to "anchor" a spoken phrase or an annotation to a specific point in time. Consider closed captioning in the film and TV industry, research and video-documentation in the scientific industry, legal discovery in the legal industry, and so on. If you need to maintain this important information and find it quickly for later review, you are the specific user Bartas had in mind when building Transcriva.

Of course Transcriva works equally well for basic transcription, but users should be mindful of the application's focus and are encouraged to look at the alternatives that are available for basic transcription needs. As always, Transcriva is free to download and try before purchasing with no pressure and no worries.


Recording Icon

Transcriva lets you record right within the application. Recording works with any Mac-compatible web cam, or microphone connected to your Mac. You can even transcribe or annotate while it's recording!

Transcriva Recording Control Bar

It's easy - you need only enter recording mode, select the desired device(s) as your recording inputs, then press the record button. If you'd like to annotate or transcribe, the editor works the same as if you were working with an already-recorded media file!


Apple QuickTime Logo

Transcriva works "out of the box" with QuickTime-compatible audio and video files. Even better than that, third-party plug-ins exist for QuickTime which enable it to work with additional file formats, which means Transcriva gains this functionality automatically as well. Suggested plug-ins* are:

  • Flip4Mac - Adds QuickTime support for WMV / WMA formats
  • Perian - Adds QuickTime support for AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, GVI, VP6, & VFW formats

* Bartas Technologies is not associated with Apple or the makers the above-suggested QuickTime plug-ins and cannot provide technical support for QuickTime, third-party plug-ins, or problems using media formats provided by such plug-ins.

Try it Free

Certified License Icon

Transcriva is completely free to try with some limitations:

  • Unregistered users can only have two transcripts in their library at any one time.
  • The audio controls are disabled after twenty minutes per session (quit to reset).
  • Exported and printed transcripts are also 'watermarked'.

All of these limitations can be removed by purchasing a license and registering. This allows anybody to try Transcriva as long as they like, completely free.

Looking for Version 1?

Transcriva 1 Icon

If you have purchased Transcriva 1 and need to re-download it, it is available here.

Please note: Transcriva version 1 is no longer offered for sale. It is only available for download to allow existing customers access to their purchase. No exceptions will be made.