Privacy Policy

General Policy

Bartas Technologies respects and honors your right to privacy. Bartas has not, does not, and will never participate in unsolicited e-mail practices (spam). Bartas will never share your information with a third party without your express permission (with the exception of acquisitions - see below). Bartas will never ask you for sensitive information via e-mail (such as passwords, credit card numbers, etc) and asks that you please report any such activity.

Persistent Information

Personal Information
The information you provide during general queries and support requests may be retained for bug-testing purposes and, if you've volunteered to help track down a bug, may be used to reach you with further questions. This information is still subject to the policy established above.

Suggestions & Ideas
Please note that any suggestions and ideas sent to Bartas Technologies become the property of Bartas Technologies - Bartas does not offer acknowledgments nor payment for unsolicited suggestions or ideas.

Customer Information
Paying customers submit billing information upon purchase of a Bartas Technologies product. Bartas Technologies' eCommerce provider is eSellerate, a well-known and trusted eCommerce provider for shareware companies such as this one. Please direct all transaction concerns (such as security, accepted credit and debit cards, etc) to eSellerate. Bartas does not see your credit information and does not process the actual sale. Your credit card number is not available to Bartas Technologies at any time, though customer records are retained indefinitely for the purposes of serial number retrieval, validation, and activation. Customers requesting any customer information or wishing to update their records must provide identification or proof of purchase. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Like any business, Bartas Technologies reserves the right to sell its intellectual property (in this case, relevant to this policy, that means its software applications) to other parties. In such situations, it is necessary to share a minimum of customer information (name, e-mail address, and serial number) so the new owner of the application can support customers seamlessly. Bartas chooses its business associates carefully, with its customers always in mind. Rest assured your personal information is treated with the utmost care at all times, in all situations.