About Bartas Technologies

The Company

The philosophy behind Bartas Technologies revolves around a simple yet sometimes elusive concept: Should you kill a flea with a cannon ball just because you can?

Large software suites are meant to be all things to all people. What results is a confusing jumble of features largely useless to an individual. Bartas strives to provide simple, focused, and well-polished software applications with a personal touch.

Privacy Policy

Bartas honors and respects your right to privacy. Click here to learn more.

The Owner

Bartas and its products are the brainchild of Joshua Nozzi, an award-winning software developer and systems engineer. His work has been applied to various industries (from education to manufacturing, to engineering, and the biosciences.


Josh cares deeply about his work and helping his customers use it effectively. He spends most of his waking hours in front of one Mac or another but sadly does not know when to take a break. This is not without consequence ...

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